Production of saunas and wooden houses

For your health maintenance we offer saunas, infrared heat cabins and integrated saunas of our production, also including garden houses and modular houses. Our main advantage – all is produced from wood. If you have essential preferences in production of this product, we are ready to comply with them.

Production and trade of sauna accessories

An integral part of sauna – various accessories, for example, chairs, tables, scoops for saunas, headrest, clothes and towel hooks. If you already have sauna, then choose some of these ecologically natural accessories from wood.

Installation and renovation

  • We not only produce bathhouses, wooden garden houses and modular houses, but also we offer quality installation and necessary maintenance,
  • We offer performance of  installation and renovation works of your bathhouse or building (regardless of the name of a producer of a building),
  • We offer modernization of your bathhouse, according to modern technological tendencies.


We give 5-year guarantee for all our products. But in cases when we produced installed and performed necessary maintenance of our product as well as you kept the product in best condition, you will get 10-year guarantee!