Sauna is one of the most frequently used baths in the world because during the centuries it still performs miracles for beauty and health. We offer production of saunas produced from aspen, alder, and lime tree as an exclusive.

What profit can you, your family and friends obtain visiting sauna?

  • Under the influence of heat organism is cleansing itself from body waste, toxins and other noxious substances;
  • Heat improves blood circulation in tissues, so cells are better saturated with oxygen. It means that there are performed reduction of cellulite and overall health improvement;
  • Bathing with bunches of green birch twigs is acknowledged as an effective aid for prevention of illnesses;
  • It is the place where family and friends can gather.

Which baths to choose?

We offer baths of different kinds and sizes. Choose the most appropriate!

From the old times attendance of baths proved to be one of the best kinds of good health maintenance and increase of joy, providing that in a very convenient and pleasant place. Types of saunas can greatly differ not only in functions, but also visually:

  • Classic sauna;
  • Infrared heat cabin;
  • Integrated sauna.

We produce – You choose!